Multifunction Self-cancelling Turn Signal

The most advanced and versatile turn signal system on the market, we certainly think so. We are convinced that you will never experience any traffic or driving situation which our multifunction program can’t handle, and that just with a flick of the turn signal switch.

SDP’s self-cancelling module is designed and programmed to help in the prevention of accidents while driving in traffic.

The advanced micro-processor has been developed to measure and process the bikes maneuvering data while riding your motorcycle. With the data the processor performs four functions:

  • Self-cancelling turn signal. It will automatically turn off the turn signal indicators after you have finished your maneuver. This means it may prevent you from having accidents caused by forgetting to cancel your indicator signals.

  • For certain traffic and driving situations the turn signal flashing can in an instant be switched back and forth between self-cancelling and constant flashing turn signal, via the indicator switch. More detailed information in the installation instruction.

  • Emergency braking flashing. At hard braking the hazard warning lights will flash. This function may prevent other vehicle from hitting you from behind when you do emergency braking to avoid an accident.
  • Hazard warning light. Flashing all indicator lights simultaneously to warn other drivers of potential hazards.

 The processor can be fitted to most well-known motorcycles.